welcometo fantendo III

Where am I? I'm scared...Edit

A long, long time ago, there was a very dumb 8 or 9 year old kid who created a Wiki inspired by the likes of Fantendo II. At the time, this kid was illiterate, and although he tried desperately to make something readable, he had all but failed. Now 15, the now high-schooler is looking through a bunch of old folders, and finds a link to a particular website. Little did he know, this website would uncover memories that had been shoved back into the depths hell... In short, I found an old Wiki I made. Although I did fix spelling errors made back when I was 8-9, most of the original feel of these articles have been left intact, and the images displayed are the very same ones I created/stole, as I had no idea of what Copyright was at the time. Enjoy the unfiltered cringe. Also, feel free to add whatever you god damn want to. I would love for this giant pile of garbage of just get bigger and nastier.

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